Heat or Eat?

It is of no great surprise to read that some food banks are giving out “kettle boxes” (rations that only need boiled water to become edible e.g. pot noodles etc) and “cold boxes” (rations that do not need any heat added to them e.g. orange juice and rice pudding etc). Click HERE to read the full story.
Many many people, no matter whether employed or not, are struggling to pay their energy bills. For those on a prepayment meter the situation is often far worse. Energy companies whack up the cost of gas or electricity with these meters. Prepayment meters are supposed to help the poorest amongst us but it is increasingly becoming acknowledged that in some cases it does just the opposite.
Someone I know, has prepayment meters for both gas and electric. They were already in the property when this person moved in. The home is a small one bed-room flat. No central heating just warm blow air. Now my energy bills are around £100 per month. I have central heating and live in a two-bedroom property. This person is £150 a month into these prepayment meters. I know – I’ve seen the receipts. This is outrageous. This person doesn’t even have a cooker and all food is either microwaved or eaten cold anyway. The energy supplier wants £62 just to take away one meter but the person can’t afford this because of the amount of money they are having to put in the meter to start with. Again, this is outrageous.
A vicious circle for those poorest people among us.

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