Bulk-Buying Energy – Councils Leading The Way

Some councils are now trying to help residents by bulk-buying energy. South Lakeland Council and Birmingham City Council are just a couple who are now helping local communities and residents benefit from bidding for cheaper fuel the same way that businesses do. Residents have the opportunity to be socially responsible and use their purchasing power to both make savings for themselves but also, through the share of the switching fee paid by the suppliers to the Council, help their neighbours who may be struggling to heat or insulate their homes due to rising fuel costs.

Depending on which report you choose to read, households living in fuel poverty number between 3 million to approximately 8 million – either way too many people are having to spend way too much of their income on energy bills.
It seems to me that to have any council bulk-buy energy for its residents is a good thing – at least they are trying to help us.

The most important thing is that it does actually save money for people. I know because my council does it. Unfortunately, I’m already in the process of switching to a cheaper supplier and couldn’t sign up but I was really happy (or unhappy) to find I could have saved another £120 a year on top of the £240 I had saved by swapping suppliers anyway. Still, when the scheme is open again next year you can be sure I will be signing up.

So find out if your council is bulk-buying energy. If it isn’t tell them to get involved and start helping its residents combat fuel poverty.

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