ATOS bows out

So ATOS the IT company that currently has the task of assessing whether benefit claimants are fit to work are in discussions with a view to ending their contract early.

An Atos spokesman said the company would not walk away from the contract and it would continue to provide a service until new contractors had been appointed.
“For several months now we have been endeavouring to agree an early exit from the work capability assessment contract which is due to expire in August 2015,” the spokesman said. “Despite these ongoing discussions, we will not walk away from a front-line service. Our total focus remains on delivering the services we are contracted to provide in a professional and compassionate way until a new service begins.”

Atos recorded around 163 incidents a month last year of people assaulting or abusing its staff either in person or online. Examples on Facebook were said to include: “Murdering scum … won’t be smiling when we come to hang you bastards.”
These persistent death threats and abuse have helped the company reach this decision about ending its contract early.

People on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will not be automatically retested until another firm can be brought into help, a leaked memo has revealed.

It doesn’t really matter who wins the next contract (God forbid it goes to G4S), the people who work for the company will still be obligated to do exactly as the DWP wants.

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