Start a Food Bank

Starting a food bank in the UK can be challenging but very rewarding. The first decision that must be made though, is whether the food bank will be a “one-off” event or a long-term permanent venture.

If your church or community group wish to hold a one-off event e.g. A Christmas Food Hamper to local needy families, then it is relatively easy to organise. Asking members of the group or the congregation to donate food can be done at the same time as asking the same people to identify individuals or families who would appreciate a donated box of food.

However, if the community group or church wish the donations to become a long-term or permanent venture then there are different ways to go. Either set up a charity (please contact the Charities Commission for help and advice) or be part of the foodbank network at The Trussell Trust who (for a fee) will provide training, support, an operating manual, PR and branding materials, an online forum, annual audits, conferences  and access to the foodbank network’s shared ideas and experience.

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